el nuvol pencil (1 x 2)



The pencil.

One of the human’s most peculiar inventions.

It took ages to create something that simple and versatile.

You can write down, up or in any direction in a piece of paper or similar surface, you can put anything it’s on your mind, and even better, you can draw it.

Simple and pure magic.

At el nuvol we cannot improve something that is already perfect, but we can make look prettier.

And much better than that, we can give to people that doesn’t have the possibility to have one. And make them smile and be magic with their pencils, writing numbers, letters, doddles and let their creative brain go wild.

We sell one at the price of two,

Damn! what an offer! 😀

One is for you, appreciated client, and another is for the customer that cannot have the chance even to visit this website. Beautiful pencils to set free all the creative minds!

Anytime you look at the pencil or use it, you’ll know that somewhere else, there’s the same pencil, in other hands, creating a little brighter future.

Hope you enjoy the experience.



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