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el nuvol company politics.

Let’s begin from the end.

Let’s be crazy, mad, go road nowhere, cross the horizon and find the end of the rainbow 🌈 .

Let’s also be rational and experimental, a mathematic mind running up the hill, let’s do some study about how things are and how we can improve them, in a more scientific way 🤓

Let’s do something awesome!

Ok, let’s gonna have 3 basic principles about how it has to be el nuvol.

-el nuvol needs to be free.

We do things for a good cause, we gonna pay the taxes at the country based, we gonna show our accounts on the website and we gonna collaborate with the society of the country as long as it has a benefical cause.

-el nuvol needs to be wild.

No matter what, el nuvol has to keep safe from external influences, or internal, or any kind. We believe that the collaborative, open minded society is the only way you can go further and that’s why for the best of the company the director will be only nominal. Not a penny for the director! (unless it works as a employee as well).

-el nuvol needs to be like a child.

It needs to be, people need to warm the individual with nice stories and tales of hope, adventures, mistery, drama, comedy and who knows, maybe we can enter in the food sector 😉

Also, as a core of this three principles.

-el nuvol needs to be like a fountain.

Cause we found that love is the very essence of the universe, even if it’s a small limited company, needs to be like a source of good things.

More info and updates soon!