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1 at the price of 2.


Hi chaps,

Hope you are well.

So that’s the plan that we have in mind.

Sell one pencil at the price of two.

But who would buy something at it’s double price?

Well, well, well…

Here at el nuvol we have two figures, the client and the customer.

We produce two pencils and we sell as a one.

The person who purchases the product is the client, it gets one pencil, maybe you in the future? 😀

And after there’s the customer, usually a person that for different reasons needs the product, but can not get it.

We send that pencil to that person as well.

It will be cost effective, we care about the client’s pocket as well as reaching a nice number of customer’s hands.

Interesting, isn’t it?


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Children of Sahara, the registration form.

Hi there,

For the registration form of the Sahara Children 2020 we thinked in a 3 simple questions inspired in the aviation radiotelephony memos ‘who you are, where you are, what do you want?’

-who are you?

-where are you from?

-what is your virtue/s?


Three simple questions that let us know how we can help.

I also attached the draft if anybody is interested to view it.

More updates and info soon! 😁

Formulaire d’inscription el nuvol, août 2020

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Children of Sahara, Updates!

We are preparing a basic pack with a pencil, a 4 colour pen, an eraser, a sharpener, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and rubber band.

If you have suggestions about what else they can need, please do not hesitate to send a mail to the B.O.T. at, he’ll answer as soon as practicable.

We are doing efforts to refine his AI, but still has some bugs.

more updates soon!