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Hello world, part 2

Hi chaps! how is goin’?

First of all, I have to apologize for my broken english, is a thing that I must perfectionate and evolve as a ‘dummy english’, ‘ticky english’ or ‘unresolved english’ variation. Time to time. By the moment I have other conspicuities in my entangled point of view.

First, it’s been a while since I opened the limited company and I have nothing to sell. Shame on me.

Second, I have a pack of precious and useless business cards that glows in the dark. YES! has no name, number, address or mail, but who cares! IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Yipey!!!

Third… ok, I have no third, BUUUT, I have useless business cards that glows in the dark to send to anyone, and when I say anyone is anyone, anywhere in the world, for FREE!!!

Do you believe this!?

Now, If you want one, please, fill the contact form with a valid mail and address and you’ll get one for free! just one per customer, gentlemen! 😀

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Hello world!

Let’s put the first stone. How it all began. The genesis of the project.

8th June 2016, I started my limited company, after some paper hazzle, setting up a business bank account, search for a good accountant and keep in touch with the HMRC.

-Hurray!!! my own business!!! congrats!!! good for me!!!


+And now, what?


+What you gonna do with your little-limited company, chap?

-Well, I have a few ideas, like I want to do an animated feature and some stuff involving printing 3d things and some aviation stuff as well, oh I love aviation! and cartoons! and crazy animated series! did I tell you that I love aviation?

I mean, I’m not bad having ideas, especially those who fall in the genre of absurdity. Oh, I love the absurd! the weird, the geek, the strange and the irregular, as well as the crazy or surreal, fantastic, stoopid, almost irrealizable, apparently useless or mistakenly misunderstood.

How do I do to put all that crazy weird things together?

I’m certainly an undecided person, do not come with me at the supermarket or it gonna close before I take dat goddamn biscuits or juice, so imagine having a running business, so it took me more than a year.

But I knew quite straightforward what was going to be called.

‘el nuvol’


-Why not?

+What does it mean?

‘El nuvol’ (pronunciated as /aɫ ˈnu.βuɫ/)  means ‘the cloud’ in Catalan.

Now, imagine a cloud.

I gonna leave some room down here for your imagination.















How is your own cloud, chap?

I bet anyone has is own idea of what is a cloud in his nutty mind.

Imagination. that’s what we’re talking about.

A powerful thing, isn’t it?