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Hello world!

Let’s put the first stone. How it all began. The genesis of the project.

8th June 2016, I started my limited company, after some paper hazzle, setting up a business bank account, search for a good accountant and keep in touch with the HMRC.

-Hurray!!! my own business!!! congrats!!! good for me!!!


+And now, what?


+What you gonna do with your little-limited company, chap?

-Well, I have a few ideas, like I want to do an animated feature and some stuff involving printing 3d things and some aviation stuff as well, oh I love aviation! and cartoons! and crazy animated series! did I tell you that I love aviation?

I mean, I’m not bad having ideas, especially those who fall in the genre of absurdity. Oh, I love the absurd! the weird, the geek, the strange and the irregular, as well as the crazy or surreal, fantastic, stoopid, almost irrealizable, apparently useless or mistakenly misunderstood.

How do I do to put all that crazy weird things together?

I’m certainly an undecided person, do not come with me at the supermarket or it gonna close before I take dat goddamn biscuits or juice, so imagine having a running business, so it took me more than a year.

But I knew quite straightforward what was going to be called.

‘el nuvol’


-Why not?

+What does it mean?

‘El nuvol’ (pronunciated as /aɫ ˈnu.βuɫ/)  means ‘the cloud’ in Catalan.

Now, imagine a cloud.

I gonna leave some room down here for your imagination.















How is your own cloud, chap?

I bet anyone has is own idea of what is a cloud in his nutty mind.

Imagination. that’s what we’re talking about.

A powerful thing, isn’t it? 😉




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